Title I/AIS Information

District Contacts 

Shannon Gillette, Assistant Superintendent sgillette@wpcsd.org


Molly Hawley



Dan Sweeney, Tioughnioga Riverside Academy Principal



Molly Goosman, Caryl E. Adams Elementary School Principal



 Parent Resources

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 Whitney Point Title I Complaint Procedures

 Every effort is made to answer inquiries and resolve issues at the most direct and immediate level. If an issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved through communication with the child’s school, a formal complaint procedure may be implemented. In the event that the complaint pertains to services received through Title I, the complainant will be referred to:

Shannon Gillette, Assistant Superintendent at (607) 692-8330.

The District Office will work to resolve the issue with continued communication with the complainant within 30 days. The complainant will be informed that if the issue is not satisfactorily resolved at the District level, he/she may contact: 

Title I School and Community Services Office, Room 365 EBA, New York State Education Department, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12234

If still not resolved at the NYSED level, the complainant may contact:

The United States Department of Education (USDOE)

Title I Office?400 Maryland Avenue, SW?

Washington, DC 20202?(202) 260-0826

The Whitney Point Central School District Office will maintain records, which will include such information as:

•the school building where the complaint was submitted;

•the person making the complaint;

•the nature of the complaint;

•if the complaint was forwarded to the NYSED for review;

•if the complaint was forwarded to the USDOE for review; and

•the school building, district, state or federal level outcome of the complaint.