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Counseling Support Available for Children and Adults

On June 15 & 16, 2023 parents/ caregivers who would like to talk to counselors from the region's Trauma Response Team

(who have expertise in dealing with trauma and grief) are available at the CEA and the TRA.

Please call the CEA ( 607-692-8241) or TRA Office (607-692-8232) to arrange a time to come in.

Additionally, counseling support is available for

children and adolescents at CABHC (Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Clinic) 607-773-4520

and for adults at CTRC (Community Treatment Recovery Center) 607-797-0680

Addressing Grief

WPC School District Counseling and Support Services

Whitney Point School District's Comprehensive School Counseling Plan 

WPCSD Community School Coordinators

Information on WPCSD Community Schools

Julie Jurena- Community School Coordinator- CEA

Beth Whittaker- Community School Coordinator- CEA

Joseph Kucher- Family Engagement Counselor 

Community School Coordinator - TRA & HS

High School 

Jennifer Westcott - School Counselor

Elizabeth Konicki 

Karen Crandell - School Psychologist

Debbie Oliver - Social Worker 

Tioughnioga Riverside Academy Grades 4-8

Mel Fennimore

Anna Holt - School Counselor

Heather Pudish - Social Worker 

Dawn Fox - School Psychologist 

CEA Grades PK- 3

Kayla Caiati - School Counselor

Emma Irwin - Social Worker

Mackenzie Root - School Psychologist