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2022-2023 Winter Sports

Welcome to Whitney Point Central School District Athletic Winter Sports Season 2022-2023

Winter Sports Season 2022-2023 is for varsity, junior varsity and modified student athletes in grades 7th-12th.  

Sports Registration:

Staff: Whitney Point Winter Sport Coaches, UHS Athletic Trainer, Lindsey Ansbro and UHS Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kyle Pignatiello

Location: Whitney Point Central School District Gyms and Fields

Dates: October 2022-March 2023

Sports Practice Session Days: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

Levels: Modified Grades-(7th & 8th), Junior Varsity-(9th, 10th), Varsity-(11th, 12th) unless noted differently per sport see below

Strength & Conditioning: Sessions will be provided around sports practice times

Sports UHS Physical Exam: Student athletes must have a current physical exam in order to participate in sports. Free exams are begin offered by UHS at the Whitney Point High School and TRA Health Offices on Tuesdays. Complete the medical forms on the school athletic website and register with the Athletic Department and Health Offices.To access the medical forms, click here.

Total: Students on Junior Varsity and Varsity can register for one sport during the Winter Season 2022-2023 plus strength & conditioning

Students on Modified can register for one sport during Winter Shorten Sport Season I and one sport during Winter Shorten Sport Season II 

Students:  Students in 7th-12th grades may participate Winter Sports Season 2022-2023

Varsity: November 14th

  • Boys Basketball

  • Girls Basketball

  • Girls Cheerleading

  • Boys & Girls Indoor Track & Field

  • Boys Wrestling

Junior Varsity: November 14th 

  • Boys Basketball

  • Girls Basketball

  • Girls Cheerleading

  • Boys & Girls Indoor Track & Field

  • Boys Wrestling

Modified Short Season I: October 24th-December 22nd

  • Boys Basketball

  • Girls Volleyball

Modified Short Season II: January 3rd-March 3rd

  • Girls Basketball

  • Boys Wrestling

Dates subject to change please check Schedule Galaxy for updates

Time Schedule:  Time slots and gym/pool/field location on Aktivate formally Schedule Galaxy

Aktivate formally Schedule Galaxy Link:

Family ID Web Registration Link:

If a parent, guardian or student athlete chooses not to register on FamilyID they can call or stop by the Whitney Point Athletic Department in the High School Main Office to sign up for a sport each season and obtain the necessary paperwork for clearance.
Complete FamilyID Forms which includes important health information reviewed by the Nurses office prior to participating as well as mandatory policies and agreements.

Transportation: .  Students when school is in session may ride the sports bus that will deliver them near their home at centralized bus stops after practices.  Transportation will be provided to away sports contests and back to WP campus.  Students will be required to provide their own transportation to WP campus before and after practices/contests depending on their scheduled time in the evenings and weekends.  Students must be delivered and picked up on time.

Sports Safety Protocols:  Students must adhere to protocols specific to each sport 


  • Students should wash & sanitize hand before, during and after sessions

  • Student should practice respiratory hygiene

  • Students should not share clothing or water bottles

  • Students should shower and wash workout clothing after each session

Workout Clothes: Sneakers, t-shirt, shorts, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt or jacket, athletics pants, socks, equipment and supplies that is sports specific.  Practice could be inside or outside so student athletes need to plan accordingly.

Hydration: Student should bring their own water bottles

Please understand that during these unusual times that all this information is subject to change.

Contact Information: Any questions, please call 607-692-8245 or e-mail  

UHS Sports Physical Exam Registration Information for 2022-2023 Athletics

High School students who are in need of a physical exam to participate in Sports the UHS Medical Director will be at the High School Office Tuesdays during school hours.  Please call the High School Health Office at 692-8210 or email to register.  

Middle School students who are in need of a physical exam to participate in Sports the UHS Medical Director will be at the TRA Health Office Tuesdays, during school hours.  Please call the TRA School Health office at 692-8236 or email to register.

New York State requires yearly physical exams when students participate in school sports.  Students currently in grades 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th 10th, and 11th are eligible for physical exams for the 2022-2023 school year.   The school UHS medical staff will be examining student athletes on Tuesdays for the 2022-2023 school year in the TRA or High School Health Offices.  If you would like your student athlete to have a physical exam free of charge from the school UHS medical staff, please fill out the UHS forms under the download section of the athletic webpage and call the Health Office or the Athletic Office to register.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the athletic office. Athletic Department: phone at 692-8245, Athletic Director’s e-mail Thank you for participating in Fall Sports. 


Whitney Point Athletics is now using Aktivate Scheduling (formerly ScheduleGalaxy) for their athletics program scheduling.  

Aktivate Scheduling provides:

  • quick public access to team schedules, free from commercial advertisement

  • ability to receive email alerts for any schedule changes or push notifications from the Aktivate Scheduling App

  • directions to contests from your current location to the exact game location via Google maps

  • ability to view schedules, directions and schedule changes from either your computer or from the Aktivate Scheduling App 

To create your free Aktivate Scheduling account: 

  1. Click on the Aktivate Scheduling logo above.

  2. Click "Register" on the upper right-hand corner of the page.

  3. Follow registration instructions.

  4. Use the "Quick Toggle" menu on the upper left-hand corner of the page to select a specific sport and team. There, you will be able to subscribe to email alerts or push notifications for any schedule changes for that team.

  5. Click on a specific contest from either the schedule list or the calendar for location and directions. 


We are excited to announce that we now offer online registration for sports through a partner company, Family ID.  This is a secure, easy and user-friendly way to register, and helps us keep track of your information.  For complete details and instructions, please see the FamilyID link under the right-hand column of this page.


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2022 Girls Varsity Basketball

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2022-2023 Sports

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