Medicare Advantage Plan Information

Brown & Brown Contact Sheet: Click here to open.

Medicare Advantage Presentation: Click here to open PDF.

Local Provider Listing: Click here to access.

Mail Order Registration Information: Click here to open.

National (and local) Provider Look-up: 

  • Enter Zip Code (if it doesn’t pick up your location)

  • Click “choose a plan” and enter VYM (standard prefix for all MA Blue PPO Plans)

  • Search by doctor, specialty, by name/type

  • OR call 1-800-810-BLUE and say they are on a GROUP MEDICARE ADVANTAGE BLUE PPO PLAN.

Silver & Fit: Click here to open list of participating facilities in New York.

National Search: 

Sample ID Card: Click here to access.

TruHearing Provider Search: 

Excellus 2 Tier Formulary:  Tier 1 (Generic) $2 copay / all other Tiers (2, 3,4) fall under Tier 2 $10 copay.  Page 5 mentions step therapy/prior authorization – does NOT apply/removed from plan.

2021 Formulary (List of Covered Drugs): Click here to open.