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High School launches Esports Team

We're happy to announce that we have a brand new Esports team at the high school! The Whitney Point Esports team is kicking off its first year. Esports is the newest competitive sport for schools and colleges. Colleges such as SUNY Purchase have competitive teams and professional teams compete in large tournaments. 

Just like any other sporting team, Whitney Point Esports has equipment, practices and strategies that team members will master during competitions this spring against local and national schools in the Rocket League. The team has started this year by setting up their spaces and unpacking and putting together their new equipment. The club’s mission is to “provide a safe place to cooperate, compete and connect in-person with their peers and represent their school to accomplish a shared goal.” 

All Esports Club members will also have an opportunity to compete in traditional sports as well as be asked to maintain the high academic requirements of our school.

“The club has some counterintuitive advantages for our students,” Coach Gene Jordan said. “Solo video games, like zoom lessons, can be isolating and have depressive effects on our students. With a school Esports team, students that normally were isolated and never had a chance to bring their skills into a positive, cooperative and supportive routine environment, are brought together and into the spotlight. So, Esports can actually give our students many of the positive outcomes that physical sports have given our students for years: it broadens the net and captures more of our students and gives them meaning and purpose.”

The club currently has over 20 members and is constantly growing. Members of the team recently set up its new equipment. Let's go, Whitney Point Esports!

Posted Monday, November 22, 2021