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Thank you, WP coaches!
Mary Shofkom-Fall & Winter Varsity Cheerleading
Nicole Huston-Fall Varsity Field Hockey
Danielle Montesano-Fall Junior Varsity Field Hockey and Spring Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Linda Burghardt-Fall Modified Field Hockey
William Davis-Fall Varsity Football and Spring Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Jason James-Fall Varsity Football
Brain James-Fall Varsity Football
Dave Horton-Fall Modified Football and Spring Varsity Softball
Michael Karderinis-Fall Modified Football
Michael Hakes-Fall Modified Football
Troy Rounds-Fall Varsity Boys Soccer and Modified Track & Field
Jesse Hartley-Fall Modified Soccer and Varsity Track & Field
Stephanie Ewald-Fall Varsity Girls Soccer
Matt Poyer-Fall Modified Girls Soccer, Winter Modified Girls Basketball and Spring Varsity Golf
Jessica Atwater-Fall Varsity & Modified Swimming
Craig Richards-Fall Varsity Volleyball and Spring Modified Baseball
Tonya Ellerson-Fall Junior Varsity Volleyball, Winter Modified Volleyball and Spring Modified Lacrosse
Steve Morgan-Winter Varsity Boys Basketball and Spring Junior Varsity Baseball
Evan Ligeikis-Winter Junior Varsity Boys Basketball
Steve Samsel-Winter Modified Boys Basketball and Varsity Baseball
Gary Tillotson-Winter Modified Boys Basketball
Tom Kraly-Winter Varsity Girls Basketball and Spring Junior Varsity Softball
Samantha Driscoll-Winter Junior Varsity and Spring Modified Girls Lacrosse
Angela Wayne-Winter Girls Modified Basketball
Trevor Erb-Winter Modified Girls Volleyball and Spring Boys Varsity Lacrosse
Bill MacNeill-Winter Varsity Wrestling
Nathaniel Grubham-Winter Modified Wrestling
Valerie Priscott-Spring Modified Track and Field
Gene Jordan-Fall Assistant Boys Soccer Volunteer and Spring Modified Boys Lacrosse
Ethan Leet-Spring Modified Softball
Murphee Hayes-Fall Cross Country, Winter Varsity Indoor Track & Field, Spring Varsity Outdoor Track & Field
Joe Kucher-Winter Volunteer Modified Wrestling     
Dick Ballard-Winter Assistant Volunteer Varsity Wrestling
James Reynolds-Winter Assistant Volunteer Varsity Boys Basketball
Scott Hoeppner-Fall Assistant Volunteer Varsity Football
Sydney Chaffee-Spring Assistant Volunteer Modified and Varsity Track & Field

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