Broome Emergency Services -Truck on Fairgrounds

UPDATE, 10:38 a.m.: The truck arrived at the fairgrounds. The High School and CEA can return to normal function, but as a precaution stay away from the fairground area. TRA will stay away from the exterior on the fairground side of the building. Broome County Emergency services note that there is no danger but will be releasing the oxygen from the truck on the fairgrounds. Again, we are told there is no danger but the oxygen may be visible when it is released.  

Broome County Emergency Services is towing a truck from 81 to the fairgrounds today, June 14, 2022.. They will be releasing liquid oxygen that is being carried in the truck so they can work on an issue with the vehicle. As a precaution, we are keeping students and staff inside our buildings until the truck is at the fairgrounds and asking everyone to stay away from the area. We are told the oxygen may be visible as it is released but it is not dangerous. We will keep the community informed as we receive updates.

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