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High School teacher awarded by TC3
Walt's students and colleagues agree: his insatiable quest for knowledge, passion for science, and dedication to teaching naturally transfer to his classroom.

In the words of one of his students, "Mr. Peck is simply one of the most brilliant people I know. He is a great teacher who is dedicated to providing students with a pathway to success." Walt was also nominated for his genuine concern for the welfare of his students and his ability to accommodate students' individual learning needs.

Described by his liaison as a leader among his peers, Walt uses inquiry-based activities to develop critical thinking and technical skill development. He exemplifies the teacher-leader role, not only in his classroom but in helping his colleagues improve their teaching.

"It is often stated that athletic teams take on the characteristics of their coach," said high school principal Bruce Tytler. "The same can be said for students, who take on the characteristics of their teacher. His students pick up on Walt's love of science and his endless search for knowledge, and they want to emulate him."
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