TRA Band Handbook & Grading


My classroom website has all the information needed for participation in band including grading, expectations, performances, practice charts, lesson materials, lesson schedules and other helpful resources. Please go there regularly to keep up-to-date on band information. I will send important reminders and updates through email so please include your email address when you sign the last page of this contract!


All students are required to be in concert dress for ALL performance. The following is a list of the required Concert Dress for each performance:

Formal Performances - Winter Concert, March MIOSM Concert, Spring Concert

  • Black Pants/Skirt (NO JEANS)
  • White Collared Shirt
  • Black Dress Shirt, Black Shoes & Socks

Informal Performances - In-school performance, Band Competition, Ice Cream Social, 

  • Black pants, shorts, skirt
  • Band T-shirt


It is important to remember that BAND is a “real class” and a full year commitment. Students who wish to drop or add band into their schedules must do so by October 1st, 2018.
The following is a breakdown on how each student will be graded:
  • Lesson attenance/prep 20%
  • Progress (playing tests & scale tests) 40%
  • Concert performances 20%
  • Rehearsal participation 20%

This portion of the grade will reflect whether or not a student has practiced and can play the assigned lesson material. Students will receive a grade for every lesson based on their preparation. If a student misses a lesson for any reason, they are still responsible for the assigned material.

Lessons are a crucial part of the band program. Each student will be assigned to a specific lesson group and will always have his/her lesson on the same day of the six-day cycle. If a student needs to miss a lesson, he/she must see me no later than the beginning of the assigned lesson period. A lesson is considered excused when a student is legally absent, or has a test scheduled during his/her lesson time. Arrangements can be made to make up lessons after school, during lunch periods or during study hall.


Students will be required to complete playing tests and scale tests each quarter. Students will be given the test materials and grading rubrics at the beginning of each quarter. They should practice the exercises at home and play them for me when they are prepared. If a student misses a lesson due to a test, extended absence or scheduling conflict, they are still responsible for completing the assigned material by the end of the quarter.


Students are required to be present for all concerts during the course of the year. Students will receive a grade of “100%” for playing at a concert and a grade of “0%” if they fail to show up. If a student is sick or has to miss a performance for extenuating circumstances, they will be given an alternate assignment. Seventh and Eighth grade students who miss any of the required performances will be ineligible to go to the Band Competition.


The rehearsal participation grade is based on each students classroom skills. Appropriate classroom skills include:

  1. The student has all their required music, books, reeds and/or other items needed for that class.
  2. The student is making a reasonable effort to perform the music that has been assigned in class and to do what the teacher asks of them.
  3. The student is listening to instructions and not preventing other students from hearing instructions.
  • Students are expected to practice their instruments for a minimum of one hour each week in order to be successful. They may choose to do it all in one day or break it up throughout the week. Students may also sign up to use the practice room in the music hallway during their study halls and lunch periods to fulfill their practice time requirement. Please help your child develop good practice skills by setting up a daily/weekly practice time.

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