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Student Drivers


Student Drivers & Parking on School Grounds

This form must be completed each year for all vehicles used by students. Please bring this form to the office to receive your parking sticker.

Students must:

Be on time for school daily.

Understand that driving and parking on school property is a privilege.

Drive in a safe and appropriate manner obeying all vehicle traffic and safety regulations (school zone area speed limit is 15 mph). Yield to pedestrians and buses.

Park responsibly in the student parking lot and in marked spaces only.

Register vehicle(s) with the High School Office each year. If vehicle is changed, this information must be reported to the office immediately. Parking approval must be issued prior to parking in the lot.

Report to the building and not go back to the vehicle once parked until leaving for the day.

Loitering in the parking lot area is prohibited.

Observe all parking regulations with safety in mind.

Parking and driving privileges will be denied/revoked at any time a student fails to adhere to the regulations or drives in an unsafe manner. Disciplinary consequences may be imposed as well. Some examples of infractions include but are not limited to:

Leaving school without permission

Loitering in or about the parking lot

Taking student riders who have not been approved to leave the campus

Parking in an unauthorized area on campus such as the faculty parking lots unless they have the specific permission of a high school principal

Speeding or driving recklessly

Students who park without school approval will be subject to disciplinary action that will result in loss of parking privileges on campus. Vehicles parked without approval may also be subject to towing from school property at the owner’s expense. In addition, student’s behaviors and/or actions may warrant the notification of law enforcement agencies. Please be sure your vehicle is state registered, insured and inspected and reflects that by an unexpired sticker in the windshield. Please be advised that administration reserves the right to search any vehicle on school property that they suspect contains an item or substance which could harm, such as; a weapon, explosives, drugs, or alcohol.

The School District reserves the right to revoke a student’s parking privileges any time a student behaves in a reckless and/or irresponsible manner, either inside or outside of the building.


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