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 Request a TC3 Transcript
To request a transcript from TC3 to be sent to another college, click on the link below:
How to Request a BCC Transcript
To request a transcript from BCC to be sent to another college, click on the link below:
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 When submitting application materials to college, please notify your counselor at least one week prior to the application deadline. Processing time is required to submit transcripts and other related materials. Please keep in mind upcoming holidays. We can only submit materials on business days. 
Course Planning
A student's GPA (grade point average) is calculated using unweighted grades from high school 
coursework without regard to a student's course load.  GPA takes into account a student's grades
in addition to the credit earned in each course.
Class Rank is calculated using a weighting system that is dependent on WPCSD course rigor. Regents
level courses carry a weighting of 1.00. Honors level courses are weighted by 1.05 and Advanced
Placement and Dual Credit courses are weighted at 1.10. Class rank/class size is
considered UNOFFICIAL until the system is locked after completion of the third quarter of senior year. 
Only grades earned at an accredited NYS school shal be used in Class Rank calculations.
Students that attend accredited school in NYS for four years will be included in the calculation of class rank.
We are beginning to work with students on chosing courses for next year. Take a look at the course guide for course descriptions and reminders on New York State graduation requirements!

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2019

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