District Closure Due to COVID-19
The NYS Governor has ordered all public schools, including Whitney Point,
to be closed through April 29 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For information on at-home learning, meal distribution and more,
scroll down to the center of this page to the "Closure Information" section.
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District Office
Patricia Follette, Superintendent   692-8313     [email protected]
Cynthia Burchell, District Clerk/Secretary   692-8313     [email protected]
Fax 692-4434
Jo-Ann Sexton, Assistant Superintendent   692-8269     [email protected]
Kathy Gummoe, Secretary   692-8269     [email protected]
Fax 692-4434
Zachary Woodard, School Business Executive   692-8204     [email protected]
Marcia Stahl, Central Registration/District Office Secretary   692-8330     [email protected]
Stacia McDonald, Benefits Coordinator   692-8204     [email protected]
Fax 692-4434
Aaron Kaminsky, Director of Special Services   692-8228     [email protected]
Brittany Mau-Lantry, Secretary   692-8228     [email protected]
Fax 692-7223
Murphee Hayes, Director of Athletics   692-8245     [email protected]
Teresa Ellerson, Secretary   692-8245     [email protected]
Fax 692-8256
Terry Dean, Director of Facilities   692-8270     [email protected]
Nina Perry, Secretary   692-8277     [email protected]
10 Keibel Rd. Whitney Point, NY 13862  |  P 607.692.8202  |  F 607.692.4434
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