Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction

New York State Learning Standards 
New York State has released new revised Next Generation Learning Standards.  The newly revised learning standards have been the result of over two years of collaborative work to ensure New York State has the best learning standards for our students. Over 130 educators and parents worked together to make recommendations and revise the standards, resulting in a new set of revised English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards.

The Whitney Point School District closely monitors the changes in state standards to ensure that students are prepared to meet grade-level expectations. is an excellent resource for learning more about grade level and subject area expectations.   The website has a section dedicated to providing helpful information for parents and families.

Parent Dashboard

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is developing a Parent Dashboard to increase transparency and make information about school performance and other school-level data easier for parents and the public to access.

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2022 Revisiting Student Attendance and Academic Work

WPCSD’s educational program is predicated on student attendance and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. However, it is understood that students will occasionally miss class for legally excusable reasons. In these cases, students should review their class’s learning management system (Google Classroom or See Saw) for information concerning the learning they missed. Teachers maintain these learning management sites for this purpose, among others.  Teachers are not required to create individual plans for each absent student, yet they partner with students once they return to class to ensure that the needed materials were accessible and understood.
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