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District Office
Board of Education Policies
Policies Regarding: Organization of the Board, nomination and election of Board members, role of the Board, Board policies and meeting information.

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    Internal Operations     
Policies Regarding: Orienting new Board members, use of parliamentary procedures, Board of Education committees and activities.

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    Community Relations     
Policies Regarding: School sponsored media, Flag Day, participation by the public, district records, public order on school property and emergency situations.

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Policies Regarding: Administrative personnel, administrative positions, central office and building administration, compensation and related benefits.

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    Non-Instructional/Business Operations     
Policies Regarding: Budget planning and information, income, expenditures, purchasing, fiscal accounting and reporting, non-instructional operations and transportation.

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Policies Regarding: Employee Code of Ethics, health examinations, certified personnel, support staff, activities, compensation and related benefits.

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Policies Regarding: Attendance, student progress, student conduct, student activities, student welfare and students with handicapping conditions.

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Policies Regarding: General curriculum, elementary and secondary instruction, instructional materials and instructional arrangements.

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