HS Band Handbook & Grading

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My classroom website has all the information needed for participation in band including grading, expectations, performances, lesson materials, lesson schedules and other helpful resources. Please go there regularly to keep up-to-date on band information.

I will send important reminders and updates through email so please include your email address when you sign the last page of this contract.

Please do not hesitate to contact me throughout the year with any questions of concerns: [email protected] or (607) 692-8365.


Students will be responsible for the up-keep and care of all equipment whether it be school owned or not. Students who use school-owned instruments will pay a rental/maintenance fee of $25 per year paid each September. Reeds and supplies should be supplied by the student. Individual reed orders can be placed and shipped through Hickeys Music in Ithaca.


MARCHING BAND/PEP BAND - Students will wear WP windbreakers, pep band shirts, black pants and black shoes. Students will be required to purchase a windbreaker when they join band and keep it in good condition for Pep Band performances. Students may also be issued a polo for warmer performances that must be kept in good condition. Students who lose their t-shirt or windbreaker will be required to purchase replacements.

CONCERT BAND & JAZZ BAND - Students are asked to wear all black for all formal performances.


  • Black pants, floor-length skirt or knee length skirt with black tights
  • Black dress shirt with sleeves or a black dress with sleeves or shrug
  • Black dress shoes


  • Black dress pants
  • Black collared dress shirt
  • Black tie
  • Black dress shoes


All performances in bold on the attached Performance Calendar are mandatory. An unexcused absence from a performance will result in a “0” for the performance and disqualification for upcoming trips. All payments for trips will be forfeited if you miss a mandatory performance.


Excused absences are those due to emergencies such as illness, death in thefamily and other extenuating circumstances. The student or family shouldcontact the director AND bring a written excuse to school.


An unexcused absence is failure to attend a scheduled performance without the specific approval of the director. An absence will be declared unexcused for students who do not bring a note after returning to school. WORK is not considered an excused absence.


Students will be provided with various fundraising opportunities throughout the year. When a student participates in a sale, all money earned will be put into an individual band account for the student to be used toward the end of the year band trip and other band events.


The band will be traveling together throughout the year to various events. Students will always ride the bus to and from an event together. A student may leave an event with his/her parents only if a permission slip signed by the parents is handed in PRIOR to departing from the school. Prior to a trip, information will be give which will tell students where to be, at what time, with what equipment, in what dress and for what purpose.


You are encouraged to support our team. During the games, you are to remain in the stands and be ready to play. In cold weather, wear warm clothes UNDER your windbreaker. No hats allowed. You will be given the third quarter off to purchase food and socialize. You MAY NOT leave the campus during this time. Attendance will be taken when you return for the fourth quarter.


Lesson Attendance & Participation- 20%
  • Students are required to attend a lesson once every six-day cycle.
  • Lessons are scheduled on a rotating basis and the schedule will be posted at the beginning of each marking period.
  • Students are responsible for making up all missed lessons.
  • Make-up lessons may be scheduled during study halls and lunch periods.
  • Students are given one “freebie” per marking period.
  • Students are responsible for making up all work missed in the class when attending lessons.

Lesson Progress - 20%

  • Students will be graded on their progress throughout the quarter based on method book assignments and their understanding of new concepts.
  • A portion of this grade will be scale memorization. Students will have ten weeks to complete various scale requirements.

Playing Tests - 20%

  • Students will have playing tests during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th marking period.
  • Playing test requirements will be posted at least one week in advance on the band bulletin board.

Performances - 20%

  • Attendance is required at all performances.
  • Concerts, parades, and public performances are considered to be major exams for members of the band program.
  • Students will be evaluated on quality of performance and demonstration of appropriate performance etiquette
  • Lack of participation in a major performance, without an approved excuse, will disqualify students from going on trips and competitions.
  • The Marching Band/Pep Band grade will fulfill the “Performance” portion of the students grade for the 1st quarter only.

Marching Band/Pep Band

  • Students enrolled in High School Band are required to participate in Marching Band/Pep Band. In order to earn a grade of 100 for this portion of their grade, students must earn 100 Pep Band Points. Students who are active members of Varsity Football or Varsity Cheerleading only have to earn 50 Pep Band Points to earn a grade of 100.
  • Homecoming Game - 30 points (REQUIRED performance)
  • Columbus Day Parade - 30 points (REQUIRED performance)
  • Broome County Fair Parade & Evening Rehearsal - 10 points each
  • Participation in Pep Band for home game - 20 points/game

Rehearsal Participation 20%

  • Students are expected to be in their seat, ready to play with their instrument and music at 2:00.

  • Students are expected to have a pencil with them at all times.

  • Cell phone use its strictly prohibited unless the teachers asks the student to use it for

    educational purposes.

  • Students are expected to participate in every rehearsal.

  • Students are expected to be respectful of their peers and their teacher.

  • Students are expected not to talk while he teacher is on the podium so as not to disrupt the

    rehearsal. Students will be given time between pieces to talk before beginning the next piece.

    • Students who talk and disrupt the rehearsal will lose 5 points PER DAY that they are talking.

    • Students who continue to talk after they lose rehearsal points will be given a worksheet to complete that will count as a graded assignment.

    • Students who continue to be disruptive after losing points and completing the assignment, will be sent to ISC.


This year, band students have the option of applying for honors credit for Concert Band. Honor band means that you are agreeing to complete two additional projects outside of the general band requirements. If you complete these two projects, your band grade will be weighted as an honors class. Failure to complete the requirements for honors credit, or to have those requirements validated by your music teacher will cause your final average to be calculated according to the “Regents Course” formula.

Students who are in more than one performing ensemble must complete requirements that apply to each course. For example, students who are in chorus and band will only be able to use participation in All-County Band for their band course. Also, students opting for a NYSSMA solo rating will need to do a solo on a band instrument for their band class and a vocal solo for their chorus class in order to receive honors credit for both courses.

Students must complete two of the following projects:

  1. Membership in NYSSMA Conference All-State Band, MENC All-Eastern Band, NYSBDA Honor Band.
  2. Membership in BCMEA Area All-State Band or Jazz Band.
  3. Membership in BCMEA All-County Band or Jazz Band
  4. Performance on a level 4, 5 or 6 Solo at a NYSSMA Adjudication festival OR performance of a level 3, 4, 5 or 6 ensemble at a NYSSMA Adjudication festival. List your solo level and rating:
  5. Membership in Binghamton Youth Symphony, Southern Tier Youth Wind Ensemble, Southern Tier Concert Band, Binghamton Philharmonic, Teen Jazz Project or another approved organization for the entire season.
  6. Participation in the WPHS Musical or Whitney Point School Community Musical as a performing musician as it pertains to this course. (Pit orchestra members are chosen by Mrs. Williamson).
  7.  Student mentoring, which must be approved and monitored by your music teacher when available.

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