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Accessing Schoolwork - High School
Our goal is to educate all students during the closure.
Click HERE to access schoolwork and other resources through Google Drive. Content will be added regularly, so please check this information often.  If you experiencing difficulty accessing schoolwork, please contact the appropriate teacher using the staff directory link below.

HS Contact Information
 Principal: Daniel Sweeney
 [email protected]
 Assistant Principal: Jeffrey Isaacs
 [email protected]
Click here for Staff Directory
Letter to Parents/Guardians on Grading and Expectations for the Completion of the Year:
Click HERE 

Support for Students & Families When Using Technology
We realize that this unexpected and sudden change to at-home learning has been challenging for everyone.  It's important that we work together and communicate to address issues as they arise.  We will get through this together!
If You Have Questions/Issues Regarding:
  • Learning Materials - If you have questions about the learning materials provided, please contact the appropriate teacher using the email in our staff directory
  • Online Learning Platforms or Devices - If you are having problems using learning platforms or devices, please send your question or issue using this form.  We have teachers who also serve as Technology Integrators, and one of them will respond to you. If your problem is not resolved at this level, we will contact our Managed Technology Support at BT BOCES and they will assist you.

General Tips for Technology:

  1. Students should regularly check their email by clicking here and using the login they use at school, and then choosing "Whitney Point Office 365".
  2. When using Google Drive or Google Classroom, it is best to use the Chrome browser.  Students can access this using their WP login.
  3. For help with using Schoology, click here
  4. For tips to help students using Zoom online conferencing, click here
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