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December 2017

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The district has a comprehensive safety plan that is reviewed annually and contains a number of policies and procedures that are regularly practiced. Included are specific protocols for lockdowns, lockouts, bomb threats, fires, and weather-related emergencies. Students, teachers, administrators and staff are trained yearly and ready to implement these protocols at a moment’s notice.  The District has been commended by both the New York State Police and Broome County Sheriff’s Department on the efficiency of our drills and how seriously our students and staff take them.   

A safety team, with members from each school, meets regularly with the district’s safety officer to review any safety concerns in the district. Thanks to on-going renovation projects, each school has a single entry point that requires two doors to be unlocked before visitors enter any building. The doors lead visitors into a main office where they are required to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge. Employees are issued security badges that are used to open outside doors, eliminating keys which can be lost or copied. The district’s security system is able to monitor the use of badges and can remotely deactivate any badge that is lost or misused.  

The district continually upgrades its surveillance system and there are currently 121 cameras monitoring the interior and exterior of our buildings. Activity around the district can be observed, recorded, and retrieved. Additionally, alarms are monitored by a security company who alerts us to any suspicious or illegal entries when schools are closed.  

Safety and security is a community effort. The Whitney Point Central School District collaborates with law enforcement and emergency response teams to constantly refine our procedures and learn from each other. Parents and other community members are encouraged to be a part of our safety and security efforts by being vigilant and respectful of school policies. We believe there is always room for improvement and welcome input from our students, staff, community members, law enforcement and other community agencies. Building and maintaining positive relationships is an important factor in keeping our schools safe.   


Patricia Follette


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