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WP Robotics competes at SUNY Broome, Ethan Baker takes 1st place
The competition consisted of six events: the Large and Small Swept Away events, the Forklift event, the Line Follow event, the Maze event and the Autonomous event.  This was a larger competition than in previous years, and some events had over 30 teams competing. Congratulations to our Whitney Point's Ethan Baker, who took first place in the Maze Challenge!  Ethan built an Arduino robot that used sonic sensors to see its way through the maze.  
Ethan Baker with his 1st Place Maze event award
Whitney Point Robotics:  from left, Emily Yelch, Linsey Howell, Collin Slack, Tanner Persotine, Abbey Somers, Ethan Baker, Advisor Mr. Leet.
Back row from left, Joe Burkee, Jacob Baker
All of our students worked very hard on their projects.  Collin Slack, Linsey Howell, Emily Yelch and Jacob Baker built three remote-controlled robots to compete in the Small Swept Away event.  This event pits robot vs. robot in a head-to-head bracket type challenge. The teams had to remote-control their robots to pick up and toss wiffle balls over a wall into the oppoent's field of play.  Our teams advanced through about three rounds of play before being eliminated.
Joe Burkee, Tanner Pesontine and Abbey Somes built robots that they programmed to follow a line as well as drop off packages at certain locations around the line track.  This task may sound simple,  but the level of programming involved makes it a diffifult challenge.  Both teams experienced some technical difficulties that were hard to overcome in the short time slots.

SUNY Broome ran the event, keeping track of scores and teams. They brought college engineers to judge events and help keep things organized.  STEM Hub was the event sponsor this year, providing lunch, t-shirts and general funding.  The event provides an environment for students to showcase their STEM skills related to engineering, and helps them learn to deal with success, defeat and stress.  
Emily and Linsey playing Swept Away. 
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