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 The Common Core and the Regents Reform Agenda

The Common Core Learning Standards have been adopted by a majority of states in this country. They were developed to ensure that students from each community across the country would receive a  consistent quality education and were prepared with the skills needed to be competitive in the future.
In New York, the Common Core State Standards are the foundation of the Regents Reform Agenda.  The Regents Reform Agenda is an initiative aimed at ensuring that all New York State students receive an education that prepares them to be college and career ready. The Common Core State Standards are specifically designed to provide instruction that ensures that students will be able to succeed in credit bearing academic college courses, and/or entry level work or work training programs and eventually compete in a global economy.
Students in the Whitney Point School District are receiving Common Core aligned instruction. In grades 3 through 8 New York State Assessments began measuring students on common core grade level expectations in 2013.  In 2014 Common Core Regents Exams began to be phased into the high school.  
The Whitney Point School District is using New York State’s math curriculum as a resource to prepare students for grade level expectations.  In English Language Arts, the grade level expectations of the Common Core State Standards have been analyzed and incorporated  into our curriculum design.  
This time of transition to the new standards can be challenging for students and families. Teachers are working hard to support students as they take on this new learning and students are rising to the challenge. Students are developing critical thinking skills and taking their understanding of concepts to a deeper level.   If parents and teachers work together to communicate and provide support,  students will be successful in meeting these new academic expectations. is New York's website resource for school personnel on the Regents Reform Agenda. The website also has a section dedicated to providing helpful information for parents and families.
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